The Essence of Bushveld Botanicals

Flowstone Gins are hand crafted, small batch, premium gins, rooted in Africa.

Crafted in the Cradle of Humankind, Flowstone Gin brings the unique flavours of this pristine landscape, associated with the very origin of our species, to gin-lovers around the world.

Winners of 3 Double-Gold Medals 

At the 2019 Michelangelo International awards Flowstone Gin Became the first gin range in the history of the competition to hold 3 concurrent Double-Gold medals.

 From the spicy warmth of our Bushwillow, the cool and refreshing notes of our Wild Cucumber, the seductive fruitiness of our Marula, or the mysterious  warm complexity of out limited edition Snuffbox: Flowstone has a gin for every taste and a taste for every occasion.


Cucumis metuliferus African horned melon / Kiwano

This stunning fruit, that grows wild in the Bushveld, delivers wonderful fresh cucumber and lime early in the ripening cycle.  As its colours change from speckled green to a distinctive swirling orange, vibrant but subtle flavours of green melon and  kiwi emerge.


Smooth, fresh and clean, to this distinctive and complex cucumber gin.  Clear notes of cucumber combine with an edge of kiwi.  Clear juniper adds middle to high notes.

Floral depth is provided by Buddleja salvifolia the Bushveld’s prolifically flowering ‘Butterfly Bush’, so-named because of the masses of butterflies it attracts in early summer.

Use a full can 200ml tonic for a doubles drink but only ½ for a single otherwise it swamps the gin
Pink Sapphire
2 / 3 Thin ribbons of cucumber. Slice cucumber in half. Remove the central seed core. Keep dark
green rind on. Use veggie peeler to slice off thin ribbons at right angles to the skin. Can be prepared and kept in ice water – makes it curl for colour add any of the following.
3 / 4 frozen pomegranate seeds
1 frozen raspberry crumbled into drink
2 thin slices of strawberry sliced
vertically. Frozen or fresh
Both raspberries and strawberries need
to come straight out of freezer into the
drink otherwise they go soggy quickly.
Pomegranate seeds can be frozen then used for a couple of hours after defrosted
Frozen red rose petals also work
Freezing makes cells burst releasing colour and flavour into the drink
Serve with Fitch and Leedes Pink Tonic (Cucumber & Rose flavoured)
Equally good with Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic – but the Pink Tonic is a spectacularly pretty light
gemstone pink. .

Green Ice
Slice or two of fresh kiwi (I leave skin on – adds colour contrast), couple of mint leaves.
Fitch & Leedes Indian.

Also try
Thin slices prickly pear – wonderful. Even better if you can find the bright red ones.Cubes of watermelon.
Fennel is lovely in Wild Cucumber as well – fronds and or a mandolin slice through the bulb. Grind of black pepper.
Thin slice granny smith with basil leaf
Jasmine Tea bag in double tot of gin – stir it around couple of times remove. Thin naartjie wedge or cucumber stick. Couple white peppercorns. Plain tonic.Or make a pepper aroma spray. Soak few peppercorns in gin. Put into small atomiser and spray over
top of prepared drink. Yum