The first vintage produced at Grangehurst was crowned Champion Wine at the South African Young Wine Show – a dream start for our small red wine cellar. In 1996, Jeremy was invited to join the Cape Winemaker’s Guild, an association of innovative winemakers who are recognised as having played a significant role in the development of the South African wine industry.

A warehouse and an underground barrel cellar were constructed in 1996 and a new production cellar was completed in time for the 1999 vintage. Jeremy’s former bachelor pad was converted into a bottling cellar in 2000.

The winery now comprises various individual buildings – the “squash court” cellar, the production cellar, the underground barrel cellar & warehouse, and the bottling cellar.

In 2000, Grangehurst invested in a 13ha Stellenbosch property in a joint venture with ophthalmologist, Dr John Hill, and planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines in 2002.

What started off as a “commercial hobby” soon developed into a successful wine business. In 2004, Dr John Hill, co-owner of Sunset Vineyards, joined us as a business partner in Grangehurst Winery.

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